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A few departing words with Sharon Gensler

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This article comes from the NOFA/Massachusetts 2017 Feburary Issue Newsletter

By Julie Rawson

Sharon Gensler received 2017 NOFA/Mass Person of the Year award

Julie: What has NOFA meant to you?

Sharon: It has been a home of my heart where I have learned much and hoped to have given much skill and energy. Our members are people who care about the Earth, the food that we eat, and how it is grown. It is not just about getting good food. It is about who is raising it and how they are treated, and the animals and the soil. It is about having people around in the organization that care about the same things that I do, and gives me hope and inspiration.

J: What will you most miss?

S: Having the regular opportunity to interact with the general public and our members who see me at events.

J: What do you hope for NOFA going forward?

S: Keep on keeping on because we are pushing that frontier on carbon sequestration and trying to get the word out to everyone to bring us back form climate catastrophe. And that we as an organization will be open to new ideas and challenges along these lines when they come up – ready to move forward with them.

J: What was the most important mark you left?

S: To help us remember homesteader/gardener types who are in rural areas and not high speed and not connected, and to remember our most rural of roots.

J: What about this post retirement job with NOFA that I have heard you speak of?

S: I hope to do something with outreach/extension around soil carbon issues with gardeners and homesteaders.

J: Final words?

S: I appreciate having worked with tremendous people on board and staff and members lo these many years. 



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