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Tell The USDA We Don't Need An Organic Check Off!

The Organic Trade Association has finally gotten their wish: a check-off program specifically for organic. This program is designed to promote the organic industry, but it is, in effect, a tax imposed on farmers and handlers.


Here's how the program would work:

  • Producers and handlers with gross organic sales greater than $250,000 for the prior marketing year would pay one tenth of one percent of net organic sales; an

The program would provide exemptions for:

  • Producers and handlers with gross organic sales of $250,000 or less during the prior marketing year;
  • Importers with $250,000 or less in transaction value of imported organic products during the prior marketing year; and
  • Organic products produced domestically and exported from the United States.

Exempt producers, handlers, and importers would have the option of being voluntarily assessed and participating in the program.

Want to tell the USDA how you feel about this mandatory program? Submit a comment here. The deadline is March 20th, 2017.



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