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Building An Earthen Oven

Saturday, 2 September 2017 - 9:00am to Sunday, 3 September 2017 - 5:30pm
Woven Roots Farm
12 McCarty Road
Tyringham, MA

NOFA Member - $200
General Public - $250

*Pre-registration is required

Earth, a fundamental building material, is very accessible to a backyard builder. It is incredibly versatile in form and provides the thermal mass for excellent performance.

Building an earthen oven is an excellent way to begin your foray into working with earth, cob, adobe, and other earthen materials. These ovens are not only beautiful, but also deeply functional for making breads, pizzas, roasted vegetables, or any other baked goods. They provide a natural centerpiece for a yard, garden, or community center through their aesthetic beauty and ancestral associations.

This two-day workshop will leave you with all the skills to make your own oven and other earthen structures. Here’s a breakdown of the two-day schedule:

Saturday - (Sept. 2 - 9-5:30)

  • Intro to natural building; overview of the project

  • Foundation siting and building overview

  • Sub-floor insulation

  • Build cob cap

  • Lay bricks

  • Build form for dome

  • Build arch for doorway


Sunday (Sept. 3 - 9-5:30)

  • Build oven dome

  • Build insulation layer

  • Plaster discussion; make plaster for exterior finish

  • Overview of oven roof construction

  • Fire technique and demo

  • Cooking in a wood-fired earthen oven

This class is limited to 8 participants to ensure a rich hands-on experience; early registration is required.

About the Instructor:

Will Levin built his first oven using a book as his guide. He continued to refine his skills through research, building more ovens and studying the ovens’ performance and durability. After spending several years primarily building small and medium scale works in wood he began to focus his attention on natural building at The Cob Cottage Company in Oregon. Since then, Will has built with cob, strawbale and wood, as well as commercial materials in Massachusetts, California, and Mexico.

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There will be a potluck lunch on day 1. Please plan to bring a dish to share. Lunch will be provided on day 2.

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