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Handmade Happy Meal

Saturday, 8 December 2012 -
10:00am to 12:00pm
Kitchen Inc.
201 Somerville Avenue
Somerville, MA

$40 NOFA members; $50 non-members

Happy Meals! Scourge of health conscious mothers, delight to all children with tastebuds.

Finally, a compromise emerges!

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to learn how to make both veggie burgers and pasture raised local beef burgers, healthy sweet potato fries, kale chips, and fruit smoothies right alongside your own children!
JJ Gonson
Join local celebrity chef, mom, and children’s food expert JJ Gonson from Cuisine en Locale, for a fun filled, hands-on cooking experience that brings the family back together in the kitchen to learn how to make delicious, healthy, and family approved food for all!

Produce for the event will be generously donated by Boston Organics, a local Bostonbased business that delivers organic produce right to your door!

Suggested Age Range: 5-8 years old

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