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Making Maple Syrup: Tapping and Collecting Sap

Making Maple Syrup
Saturday, 2 February 2013 -
1:00pm to 3:00pm
Rabb Room, Lincoln Filene Hall
10 Upper Campus Road
Tufts University, MA

$25 NOFA members; $30 non-members

Join Groundwork Somerville and NOFA Mass for a special wintertime workshop on urban maple syrup-making! Learn about the history of maple sugaring, tree identification, modern tapping and sap collecting technology, and the effect of climate change on maple trees.  Participants will taste-test syrup and participate in a hands-on demo of sugaring techniques by tapping local trees, as part of the 10th annual Somerville Maple Syrup Project. Make sure to wear warm clothes and boots, since the workshop will be held partly outside.

Instructor: Lee Dwyer, the Gardens Coordinator for Groundwork Somerville, runs after-school gardening and nature clubs, urban agriculture workshops, and the Somerville Maple Syrup Project. With a major in Urban Studies and experience in MIT’s SENSEable City Lab and the Chicago Public Schools, Lee is passionate about building sustainable communities, urban education, and teaching.   Outside of work, Lee hikes, cooks, volunteers at the Somerville Growing Center, and plays softball.  

Other workshops and projects Lee has led: Urban Composting, Container Gardening, Integrating Gardens into School Curricula, Public Speaking, Nature Myths from Around the World, garden builds and renovations in Chicago, Everett, and Somerville.


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