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Vermicomposting 101

Sunday, 8 June 2014 -
1:00pm to 4:00pm
Zahka Residence
44 Myopia Road
Hyde Park, MA

$30 NOFA members; $36 non-members

compost wormsBuild your own worm bin, fill it with worms, and learn to care for your new friends/free laborers

The class will start with a review of composting basics.  We will briefly discuss different types of composting, including: traditional, hot, bokashi, and black soldier fly larvae.  We will then focus on vermicomposting (composting with earthworms).  Topics include: the science of vermicomposting, how to create a hospitable home for your worms, dos and don’ts for feeding your worms food scraps, troubleshooting problems with your bin, and ways to harvest your vermicompost.  Participants will then use the tools and supplies provided to build their own worm bin from recycled 3 and 5 gallon food grade buckets, make worm bedding, and bring 1000 or so worms home with you after the workshop.

About the Instructor: George Zahka, founder of Infinite Compost, has been composting for the past 10 years.  Three years ago he welcomed 1000 red wiggler composting worms into his family, and he now has over 50,000 worms hanging out in his basement (in bins).  You can learn more about his composting exploits at

Pre-registration is required unless arranged by phone with organizer. For more information, contact Jamie Lombardo, Education Events Coordinator, at or 860-966-6368. This workshop has a 15-person limit, register early.

Refund Policy: Refunds are given up until 10 days prior to the event minus a 15% processing fee.


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