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Volunteering at NOFA/Mass

Volunteering is one way that you can become more involved with NOFA/Mass; helping the organization, the organic/sustainability movement, local agriculture, yourself and the planet.


Volunteers who attend events, as NOFA representatives will receive:

1) Training

2) Community- Make connections within the NOFA organization, with other member volunteers, and with the event community

3) NOFA Mass Products/Merchandise- Each event of 4 or more hours covered earns a $25 credit. Choose from:

  • available apparel (tee shirts, hats, hoodies)
  • workshop/conference registration
  • publications (The Natural Farmer subscription)
  • toward partial membership dues

Member volunteers will be assisted in developing hometown or regional volunteer groups and creating mini-NOFA communities thus allowing for greater networking, companionship, and support.

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Since NOFA/Mass started, many hundreds of volunteers have reached out to us to offer their time, skills and resources. Your gift of service, whether you have a lot of time or a little, is valuable and makes a difference. We want to provide a forum where these resources can be tapped and fully utilized for the greater good of furthering NOFA/Mass' mission. Many of our programs could use support on several different levels. Below you will find a list of programs and possible ways you can become a more active member of NOFA/Mass. Check it out: see what calls to you! Do you have existing skills/talents to offer? Where might you like to learn, as you give of yourself? Remember, NOFA was started by volunteers like yourself; it's what builds community!

Two ways to contact us:

Fill out this form and mail it (PDF) or email Sharon at

"An afternoon at the Athol "Home Show" sitting at the NOFA outreach table confirmed my suspicion that our communities are in a very "educable moment." Being an advocate for organic gardening, backyard poultry, and raw milk is no longer perceived as threatening, anti-social behavior. The same neighbors who once had that knee jerk reaction are now thinking long and hard about GMO's, CAFO's and inhumane slaughtering. It's great to be a representative of an organization that can help people along with the WHY, but it's downright exhilarating to be ready right there for them with the HOW!"

- Rachel Scherer, NOFA/Mass Member Volunteer

Current Volunteer Opportunities

1) Outreach Intern sought click here for more info.

2) Outreach Volunteer Help Needed

NOFA/Mass' outreach program is an educational arm of the organization which interfaces with the public. Outreach staff and volunteers attend fairs, festivals, conferences, farmer's markets and table anywhere we might be able to talk with members and non-members about NOFA's ideals, educational events and programs. A few of the many topics people we meet wish to discuss, are:

  • NOFA's concerns about local organic food
  • Our workshops and conferencesVolunteer at NOFA/Mass
  • How to increase ones skill in raising healthy food
  • Farmer and gardener issues
  • The earth's environment
  • The impact of healthy food production/distribution
  • Organic lawns & landcare
  • Our children, our communities
  • Our local economy



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