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The beginning of spring marks the time for lambs, kids, and baby animals of all kinds to enter the world. With dairy-production animals, the arrival of the newborns also marks the arrival of the rich spring milk. It is a time of year that is heavy with anticipation, wonder, and excitement. For farmers or homesteaders who are just entering the world of dairy production, it is especially thrilling and joyful to watch their animals get ready for giving birth and then welcoming the new little ones. Lionel Zupan works in higher education, but is getting his feet wet in goat production.

Winter Conferencnce Workshop Preview: Accelerated Lambing and Selective Breeding
Winter Conferencnce Workshop Preview: Accelerated Lambing and Selective Breeding

A heavy January snow is coming down as you roll down the driveway. You are on your way to a nice evening party, the kind you need to dress up for, and you feel like you’re looking pretty sharp for a sheep farmer. You instinctively look out the window at a group of ewes as you pass, the ones scheduled to lamb in May. One ewe is standing out in the snowy field by herself, sniffing at the ground. Your heart sinks: this can only mean one thing. The party will have to wait.

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