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Winter Conference

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Worcester State University, Worcester, MA

The Winter Conference features 70 workshops, children’s conference, and many exhibitors. Ben Burkett, family farmer and coordinator of the Federation of Southern Cooperatives, will give this year’s keynote.

Before September 1st, we are taking workshop proposals on these topics

We are now taking workshop proposals for the 29th annual NOFA/Mass Winter Conference on Saturday January 16, 2016, at Worcester State University.  Submit one before the summer gets away from you! Proposal deadline is September 1. 

As 2014 draws to a close, I am excited by what 2015 will bring. For many, December is a busy time chock full of celebratory events. January typically offers us a bit more solitude, and some time to reflect and set goals for the new year. The Winter Conference takes place at a very fitting time. Leading up to the conference, conference goers can reflect on the year past, take some time to learn new concepts and techniques, and begin to set goals for the coming year.

January 10 is less than a month away but you still have time to register for all of the fun.  We’ve extended the day until 6pm, so you can network more, catch up with old friends, and visit all of our wonderful exhibitors. Greg Judy, a truly inspirational grazier, will be enriching everyone’s day with his keynote address “Managing Our Farms In Sync With Nature: Heal Land And People.” Judy says: “By focusing our daily management on the patterns of nature, our farms will become a mirror of nature and thrive.

At the 2015 Winter Conference, you can get up-close and personal with grazier Greg Judy. Hear his keynote, learn grazing techniques at his all-day seminar, or get your book signed at the post-conference dinner.  

Find more details at or call 413-387-2316. 

I interviewed Greg to find out what he’s up to and what experience he’ll share on January 10at Worcester State University.

The Winter Conference is changing once again! Worcester State has spent the summer building a mixed-use dormitory/dining facility, and we are happily taking advantage of this new space – Sheehan Hall. You will find registration, exhibitors, lunch, dinner, and selected workshops all in spacious Sheehan Hall. The children’s conference will be moving to a new building as well, directly across from Sheehan Hall. 

Connor is an ecological designer and environmental planner with a background in small scale diversified farming. He specializes in agro-forestry and multi-productive forested landscapes on farms and conservation properties, combining work on food production, conservation, and re-integrating people into the natural world. He has an M.S. in Natural Resources from UVM’s Ecological Planning program. He resides in Montague, MA and works throughout the Northeast.

If you were at the Annual Meeting this year, you probably saw me huddle among the other board members up on stage to be officially elected to the Board of NOFA/Mass. As a former staff member and work-study volunteer, I am thrilled to take on a new role in this community that has become a cherished part of my life.

Mark Shepard, perennial agriculture and permaculture design expert, presents the 2014 NOFA/Mass Winter Conference keynote speech.


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