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NOFA/Mass Statement on Organic Companies That Opposed Prop 37

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This article comes from the NOFA/Massachusetts 2012 December Issue Newsletter

NOFA/Mass believes the public has the right to know what is in the food supply and supports mandatory labeling of GMO ingredients in food and feed. We are dismayed that some companies that own organic food brands, including some that financially sponsor our work, opposed Proposition 37 in California and apparently do not support that right. While we appreciate all support for the important educational work that is our mission, we do not let it influence our work or keep us from expressing our views on public issues.

This struggle is not over and there will be other bills and ballot initiatives on GMO labeling coming up. We urge organic companies to support such campaigns and offer constructive ideas to make these measures stronger and better thought out. But we feel the public should know, and take into account when making decisions about which brands to support, how organic companies stand on requiring disclosure of GMO ingredients.


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