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This article comes from the NOFA/Massachusetts 2013 May Issue Newsletter

Proposal deadline: September 1, 2013

You are invited to submit a workshop proposal for the NOFA/Mass Annual Winter Conference, to be held on January 11, 2014, in Worcester, Mass.The conference draws about 1,000 people from Massachusetts and neighboring states. Participants include seasoned and beginning farmers, urban homesteaders, backyard gardeners, food activists, and many other engaged learners. Most workshops are 90 minutes long. This year will also feature several three-hour intensive workshop sessions. Presenters of the 90-minute workshops receive a $50 honorarium, while those presenting a three-hour workshop will receive a $100 honorarium. The honorarium is awarded per workshop and is divided to pay co-presenters. All presenters will also get up to $35 in workshop expenses reimbursed, free conference registration, and a free lunch. Presenters who donate their stipend, which provides scholarships for farmers and young people in financial need, will be recognized in the program book. We are particularly interested in receiving workshop proposals for the following subjects:

  • Beekeeping
  • Organic gardening
  • Season extension
  • Urban gardening or farming
  • Farm and food policy
  • Healthy food access
  • Growing specific crops organically
  • Specific livestock workshops
  • Farm management, marketing or financial planning
  • Irrigation, farm machinery
  • Gardening in small spaces such as containers, patios, or balconies
  • Homesteading skills, such as food preparation, preserving, or soap making

We encourage you to submit a proposal on any relevant subject, regardless of if it is one of the above subject areas. There are many more topics that we would like to see covered. All proposals will be reviewed by the Winter Conference staff with the objective of coordinating a workshop lineup that provides a variety of beginner, intermediate, and advanced workshops for farmers, gardeners, homesteaders, and landscapers, as well as consumers and advocates. To submit a workshop proposal, please complete this online form ( conferences/winter/WPform.php) by September 1st. Workshops will be accepted on a rolling basis. If you have any questions or trouble with the above link, please contact Luke Pryjma, Workshop Coordinator, at or 413-281-2651.


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