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NOFA/Mass Looking for New Board Members

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This article comes from the NOFA/Massachusetts 2013 July-August Issue Newsletter

There are two major groups of people who contribute
daily to making NOFA/Mass that vibrant and effective
organization that it is. They are the staff who receive
financial remuneration for long hours and the board
members who do their work for the organization totally
gratis, often with financial outlay. The NOFA/Mass board
is a “working board” in that they have a serious hand in
organizational governance. They are respected advisors
on program management and tireless volunteers in budget
oversight and organizational fundraising.
At this time we have two openings on the board – one
immediately, and one for January 1. We say goodbye to
Luke Pryjma who is transitioning from board member from
Western Mass to NOFA/Mass Winter Conference Workshop
Coordinator. In January we will lose Jean Claude Bourrut
who has distinguished himself as the chair of the finance
committee and tireless volunteer on behalf of bee education.
NOFA/Mass board members are expected to attend six
board meetings per year – three of which are in person
(two of those are within the context of a one day - March
- and two day - November - retreat). Board members are
also expected to attend and help out at the NOFA/Mass
Winter Conference and NOFA Summer Conference. Each
board member can serve on one or two of our standing
committees: finance, personnel, development, strategic
planning, education, board development, and NOFA
Interstate Council. These committees average nine meetings
per year, 1-2 hours phone meetings.
In terms of professional qualities, we are looking for
active practitioners of farming, gardening, homesteading,
landscaping, consumer activism. We also welcome
professional expertise in law, accounting, organizational
development, etc.
Personally we are looking for team players with critical
thinking skills, a practical and NOFA-centered belief and
lifestyle manifestation, and folks who are fun to be around.
We split pretty evenly between men and women, and always
like regional diversity. And we like a mix of younger and
older, energetic and seasoned.
Does this sound like something you would like to
consider? Give me a call at (978) 355-2853, or send an
email of intent to Together we
are a group åof approximately 25 souls (board and
staff) that stay in close contact via email and are a
highly functional, working team of folks.

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