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This article comes from the NOFA/Massachusetts 2013 November Issue Newsletter

By Sharon Gensler, NOFA/Mass Outreach Coordinator

October was a big month for your outreach crew starting with the North Quabbin Garlic & Arts Festival 2 day
festival. Thanks, Kathleen Geary, Elaine Peterson and Sheila Rowe for your help! Simultaneously, Mary DeBlois,
Kimi Cieidon and Midori Evans valiantly tabled the Boston Local Food Festival in the rain. Then, Jack Kittredge
and his wealth of information covered the Pittsfield Food Day. Next up, Worcester’s South Main Farmers’ Market
Food Day was a joyous celebration. It was great to meet many of the Regional Environmental Council (REC)
folks in person. Then WSU’s Sustainability Fair and Food Days. Nicole Belanger tabled Wednesday, and on
Thursday Jack led a GMO teach-in/seminar and film and I gave a talk about canning. The next day I was in New
Bedford for the Connecting For Change Conference, a three day event. Thanks Marty Dagoberto, Phil Pszenher
and Derek Christianson for tabling days 2 & 3.
So far we have no November bookings, so if you know of any, let me know. In December I’ll be off to the New
England Vegetable and Fruit Growers Conference in Manchester, NH. We join with NOFA-NH and CT NOFA
to cover this 3-day event. Then it’ll be see you at the Winter Conference! Start thinking now how you’d like to
be involved in helping do outreach in the spring when we are flooded with possible events at which to spread the
word about NOFA/Mass!
Thanks again to all who helped make October such a successful month. You’ve told me how personally rewarding
it was to do the NOFA/Mass table and get to attend some fascinating events at the same time.

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