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Thank you for helping TEAM NOFA/MASS reach its goal!

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This article comes from the NOFA/Massachusetts 2013 November Issue Newsletter

TEAM NOFA/MASS: Run for Organic Food for All sends out a huge Thank You! The Run/Walk on November 3 in Lexington was a great success as 30 team members, energized by over 230 donations, powered to the finish line and past its $10,000 goal!

The dollars raised will be used to make it more possible for us to do our policy work to ensure access to local organic food in Massachusetts as we continue advocating for GMO labeling.

Thank you to all our runners and walkers, donors, race day supporters, NOFA/Mass board and staff and to Steve Sartori, organizer of the Genesis Battlegreen Run!

A great time was had by all as the sun broke through the clouds by start time on a brisk fall day. The post- race celebration included a delicious and abundant non-GMO potluck lunch. And to add to the “runners high,” TEAM NOFA/MASS placed #1 in the team ranking!

To donate until December 1

Congratulations to the Team for a job well done!

Jackie Ouellet
Suzy Konecky
Cathleen O'Keefe
Bleu Grijalva
Nicole Belanger
Kathleen Geary
Rachel Gilbert
Rebecca Buell
Christine Rainville
Elaine Peterson
Sharon Gensler
Liz Joseph
Amy Calandrella
Hannah Jacobson-Hardy
Matthew Ball
Patti, Andy, Steffi and Abby Luke
Mark McHugh
Sam Perkins
Cheri Robartes
Kate Kennedy
Jane Hammer
Wendy Mainardi
Mary DeBlois
Julie Rawson
Jack Kittredge
Delia DeBlois 
Kathleen DeBlois


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