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Winter Conference Workshop Highlights & OLC Lawn and Turf Course

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This article comes from the NOFA/Massachusetts 2013 November Issue Newsletter

By Cathleen O’Keefe, Winter Conference Coordinator

This year, the NOFA/Mass Organic Land Care program will be holding their annual Lawn and Turf Course at the Winter Conference. Veteran instructors Chip Osborne and Bernadette Giblin - along with a host of others - will offer practical, applicable information about organic lawn and turf management techniques.

Register Now for the Lawn and Turf Course and the Winter Conference.

In addition to the OLC workshops, this year’s Winter Conference offers a diverse line-up of more than 60 workshops, an all-day seminar and keynote by Mark Shepard, and ongoing exhibits by numerous regional vendors. The children’s conference (for ages 3-12) provides a lively, interactive way for your kids to get educated. Discounts are available for certified organic growers, NOFA members, students, children and teens, and groups of five or more attendees. An allorganic catered lunch will be available for purchase.

Mark Shepard, perennial agriculture and permaculture design expert, will offer a keynote and all-day seminar. A proponent of restoration agriculture, Shepard questions the easy availability of future staple crops, particularly in urban population centers. His work as a permaculture design expert, as well as his experience in water conservation and land restoration, will inform both his keynote speech and his three accompanying workshop sessions.

Session 1: Introduction to Restoration Agriculture/ Farm-scale Permaculture Session 2: MAKS: The Modified American Keyline System: Earth-shaping to manage your water resources Session 3: Putting it all together: The step-by-step restoration agriculture process

From moo to stew, below are some exciting workshops you will see this January. Full line up list can be found online.

Hoofed Animal Butchering & Preparation Felix Lufkin - All levels

Learn how to comfortably, confidently and conscientiously prepare large mammals into meat. With hands on demonstrations, follow traditional slaughtering, butchering and preservation methods. Understand a variety of cuts, organ meats, jerky, bacon, sausage, ham, dry and wet cures, and rendered fat. All parts of the animal are covered, including hooves, tendons, bones and hide.

Introduction to Home Butchering of Small Livestock and Poultry

Rachel Scherer, Bruce Scherer - Beginner Butcher small livestock, sheep, goats, or rabbits, and poultry, at home. Save money by custom cutting beef and pork shares. Learn the methods and tools needed. Discuss the pros and cons of home butchering.

How to Cure Meats

Jake Levin, Jazu Stine -All levels Whether you’re a pasture-based livestock farmer looking to add value and variety to your product, or a homesteader preserving the harvest, cured meats offer a delicious and time-honored opportunity. Interact with live demos of basic techniques for turning whole animals into outstanding preserved products, and discuss opportunities and challenges for cured meat in the food system.

We need your help As a bit of hospitality, we will be offering donated coffee and breakfast items until the first workshops begin. Would you be willing to make a donation this year? We would be happy to pick up your taxdeductible donation along with any literature you would like us to display at the conference. Please give our donations coordinator Siedeh (pronounced like Side A) a call at 617-803-0618.


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