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Local, Organic Dinner Delights at WSU January 11th

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This article comes from the NOFA/Massachusetts 2013 December Issue Newsletter

Join NOFA/Mass for a seasonal, locally sourced, organic dinner with Permaculture Design Expert Mark Shepard. The delicious dinner, crafted by innovative Worcester State University (WSU) Chef Rich Perna, will be held at Worcester State University’s Student Center Lancers Loft Dining Hall at 6 pm, immediately following the Winter Conference.
WSU Chef Rich Perna is committed to sourcing local and organic food, a breath of fresh air among university kitchens. Growing up with gardening grandparents, Perna inherited a love of growing and preparing food, even learning to pick wild mushrooms and dandelions. He and his wife now garden organically with their own children.
Spirited by the opportunity to host this NOFA/Mass dinner, Perna says, “I love the fact that NOFA/Mass is a leader in organic farming and that they are here to teach us and make the world a better place. Everyone should know where their food comes from and how it’s grown.”
The dinner promises to please attendees, featuring two stews (one grass fed beef and one vegetable), local cheese board (with cheese from Cricket Creek Farm), seasonal salad (featuring acorn squash, greens, cranberries, and local goat cheese), housemade foccacia bread, vegan/gluten free corn bread, and a local pear tart.
Perna’s vision for the dinner is this: “to have our Chefs cook an amazing meal with Local and Organic foods. Simple, yet delicious.”
Dinner tickets are $24/NOFA members; $30/ non-members
To purchase tickets for the dinner, visit or with registration questions, email Christine

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