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Organic Lawn & Turf Course: Changing the Landscape of Landscaping

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This article comes from the NOFA/Massachusetts 2013 December Issue Newsletter

By Ben Grosscup, Education Events Organizer & Summer Conference Coordinator

On Saturday, January 11, five prominent northeast land care specialists will present a full-day course on organic management for lawns and turf, along with strategies for marketing organic land care services. Chip Osborne, a professional horticulturalist with 40 years of experience, designed the course as a continuing education opportunity for professionals. Applying their understanding of soil biology in an organic turf program enables practitioners to make a profit and to deliver quality services to municipalities and homeowners at an affordable price. He will provide technical details on principles of turf grass nutrition and information about saving an organic program under challenging growing conditions.
Monique Allen will explain how land care practitioners can assess the land they are stewarding to discern where turf grass is the most appropriate plant. Planting grass in unsuitable locations may encourage chemical use in the long-term because of the challenge of maintaining such areas.
Bernadette Giblin presents lessons learned from her work with the CT NOFA-OLC Program. Here she trains landscapers in social media marketing, driving the demand for organic land care in Long Island Sound communities.
Two land care specialists share their practical experience working with different clients. Brittany Phillips of Complete Land Organics in New Hampshire will describe her experience working with homeowners. David Melevsky of Go Green Landscaping, Inc. & Organic Mosquito Control in Maine will cover municipal client relationships.
The course runs simultaneously with the NOFA/Mass Winter Conference taking place at Worcester State University. 
Read the full outline of the course and get links for online or mail-in registration here.
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