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Save Time and Money: Buy Bulk! Order Opens January 1st

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This article comes from the NOFA/Massachusetts 2012 December Issue Newsletter

By Cathleen O’Keefe, Bulk Order Coordinator

Do you buy cover crop seed, fertilizers, mineral amendments, compost, potting soil, pest controls, animal health/
feed supplements, potato and allium seed, or tools for the farm or garden? Would you like to save money on those
items? If so, the bulk order might be perfect for you!
Each January, NOFA/Mass organizes a bulk order with popular
suppliers for distribution at sites in western, central, & eastern
MA, central CT & RI. Take advantage of significant savings
through group purchasing power and collective shipping, while
helping NOFA support organic practices throughout the Tri-
State region. No order is too small or too large; everyone who
participates saves by purchasing together.
We work with the following suppliers: Organic Growers Supply,
Moose Tubers, Ideal Compost, Vermont Compost, Crop
Production Services, and Fertrell. New this year, we are excited
to be offering Fertrell’s line of organic hybrid corn and alfalfa
The order is open to both NOFA members and non-members and will be available to download January 1, 2014.
You’ll only have a month to get your order in, so start planning now! To be prepared, we suggest
getting your soil tested, with recommendations. Most results are available within 2-3 days via e-mail.
PLEASE HELP! As always, the Site Managers can use help unloading the truck, organizing, and breaking down
orders. This is another reason why we save money - everyone chips in a little work. Tubers will be delivered and
distributed in the first week of April, one week earlier than last year. Everything else is delivered and distributed
the week of March 10th. Many of our farms are busy preparing for the season, so all of your help is greatly
appreciated. Just circle “I can help breakdown” on your order form, arrive on the breakdown date at a time to be
determined, and take home your order early. Volunteering is a great way to meet other NOFA members and to
participate in a wonderful communal tradition.
If you’d like a paper copy of the order or have ideas for additional items to add, please contact Cathleen O’Keefe,
Bulk Order Coordinator, (413) 387-2316,

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