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Soil and Nutrition Conference Features Graeme Sait & Moves to Somerville

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This article comes from the NOFA/Massachusetts 2013 December Issue Newsletter

By Ben Grosscup, Education Events Organizer & Summer Conference Coordinator

Graeme Sait

The 2014 Soil and Nutrition Conference will feature Graeme Sait – one of the world’s leading experts on biological farming. From Sunday to Tuesday, February 2-4, 2014 in Somerville, MA, Sait along with his copresenter, Joel Williams, will present a version of his internationally acclaimed Certificate in Sustainable Agriculture, which many participants have described as life changing.
Sait is author of Nutrition Rules and founder of Nutri- Tech Solutions (NTS) – a world leader in biological agriculture. He has trained over 20,000 farmers and consultants globally, and when he is not jet setting to the next presentation or consulting appointment, he lives in Queensland, Australia. In this intensive three day conference, Sait promises to deliver guidelines to improve production and profitability on the farm, improve the health and vitality of the farmer, and increase the likelihood of achieving peace and harmony in life.
In a recent conversation, Sait said the only way civilization can sequester carbon in the soil is by creating humus, which in turn depends on promoting the soil life which sustains humus. He points out that you can’t get humus out of a bag; you have to build it in the soil that is already there. Sait plans to cover how nurturing certain kinds of soil life can solve different farm issues.
Plants have an immune system much like human beings, Sait claims. He focuses on increasing plant immunity rather than killing disease vectors. He builds strong cell walls in the plant by supplying minerals like calcium and silica, which are necessary for cell walls to develop. Strong walls block fungal hypae from penetrating into the cell, making plants immune to fungal disease – a regular occurrence we know by names such as “alternaria”, “early blight”, and “powdery mildew.”
Sait quotes some disturbing recent health statistics, which indicate the health of Australian farmers (in terms of heart disease, diabetes, and depression) is much worse than that of the rest of the population. Claiming that the health of the farmer is crucial for facilitating the health of the soil, he plans to cover a range of approaches for the farmer’s health, ranging from nutrition to breathing exercises.
The Soil and Nutrition Conference is co-sponsored by NOFA/Mass and the Bionutrient Food Association. After being held in Northampton for its first two year, the conference is moving to Somerville for its third year. The new location provides space for additional attendees (in 2013, the event attracted 150 participants).
JJ Gonson, proprietor of Cuisine En Locale, hosts and sponsors this event. She recently moved her company, which features weekly shares of cooked foods from local farms and catered events, to a historic Somerville event hall, Anthony’s Functions. Attendees will be able to sign up for allorganic meals when they register, and the food coordinator is seeking to source most of the ingredients for the meals from attendees.
Listen to an 18-minute interview with Graeme Sait here.
For more information on this event, contact Ben Grosscup at 413-658-5374 or email

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