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NOFA/Mass awarded Sound and Sensible contract from USDA

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This article comes from the NOFA/Massachusetts 2014 December Issue Newsletter

Laura Davis

NOFA/Mass and Baystate Organic Certifiers together are testing a pilot program that could be utilized by other organizations throughout the US to assist farmers and handlers to gain organic certification. To make organic certification attainable and affordable for all, the USDA has established The Sound and Sensible Approach to Organic Certification.

Through technical training given by Baystate Organic Certifiers, NOFA/Mass Education staff can implement a program that will assist one livestock farmer, one crop farmer and one handler in completing their organic system plan, documentation necessary to obtain organic certification.

We have identified two farms – stay tuned to learning all about their journey. We are looking to identify an operation that wants to complete an organic handler plan and submit a processed food product for certification. This is a great opportunity for someone to have an Organic Systems Plan Expert help them navigate the process at no charge. Please email your interest and a description of your business to

Want your crop, livestock or value added food product to be certified organic?  Are you following the National Organic Program and want to explore certification? Just starting on your own farm and want to build consumer confidence in a certified operation? Not sure who to call to clarify questions you might have? NOFA/Mass is here to help.  Please direct your inquiries to


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