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Korean Natural Farming Workshop - like kimchi or sauerkraut for the soil!

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This article comes from the NOFA/Massachusetts 2015 March Issue Newsletter

Aaron Englander, M.S. - Erickson Fields Preserve Farm and Program Manager

Do you consider nature one of your best teachers? Are self-reliance and closed-looped systems part of your farm or garden design? Do you like to get your hands dirty and make your own compost and worm castings, or natural insect repellents from soap, hot pepper and garlic? If yes is your answer, then you may be interested in Korean Natural Farming!

On April 26, I will be leading a Korean Natural Farming Workshop at Many Hands Organic Farm in Barre, MA.  Many Hands is run by organic farming veterans Julie Rawson and Jack Kittredge and has been certified organic for nearly 30 years.  Over the past year, Many Hands has incorporated Korean Natural Farming practices into their diverse operation of veggies, fruits and livestock.  Korean Natural Farming fits nicely in Many Hands’ farming strategy, one that focuses on high quality soil fertility management with cover cropping, foliar sprays and re-mineralization, rotational grazing and crop rotation. 

In this all-day workshop we will spend some time going over the basic philosophy and background of Korean Natural Farming. The majority of our time will be spent getting our hands dirty making and applying composts, inoculants and nutrient sprays.  Workshop attendees can expect to learn how to make and apply Korean Natural Farming inputs such as Indigenous Microorganism (compost based soil inoculant); Fermented Plant Juice (plant nutrient spray); Fermented Fish Amino Acid (fish emulsion); and others.  In short, the best way I can describe Korean Natural Farming is like kimchi or sauerkraut - for the soil!

The Korean Natural Farming workshop is a hands-on experience that encourages all to actively participate.  In my experience, participants have a fun and learn a lot.  Many Hands Organic Farm is an ideal place for us all to learn more about Korean Natural Farming and how to work with Mother Nature in order to be truly sustainable.  

Please join us if you are interested!

“…a farm comes closest to its own essence when it can be conceived of as a kind of independent individuality, a self-contained entity.  In reality, every farm ought to aspire to this state of being self-contained individuality. This state cannot be achieved completely, but it needs to be approached.”

-Rudolf Steiner, 1924

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