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This article comes from the NOFA/Massachusetts 2015 May Issue Newsletter

Laura Davis, NOFA/Mass Certification Assistance Coordinator

I am pleased to report that NOFA/Mass’ new certification assistance program has been well received with eight farms jumping on board this winter and filing their applications with Baystate Organic Certifiers. While I won’t divulge our farms until they are approved, a variety of farms took advantage of this program. There will be 100% grass fed cattle, organic pork, goat, lots more vegetables, herbs, soup and herb mix, and tea, They are currently being scheduled for their first inspections, but I expect them to come through with an approved certificate. Congratulations to Jason and Nicole Lobisser from The Pumpkin Farm in Medway, MA for being our first farm out of the gate to gain organic certification.

While a farm can apply for certification anytime of the year, many farms utilize the extra hours over the winter to get the work done. As a certified organic grower myself assisting farms with certification, this schedule worked out great for my schedule as well. Baystate Organic Certifiers generally will take between 6-8 weeks to review, inspect and approve qualified operations once a complete dossier is received. If you are ready to give this extra level of confidence to your customers, get on our schedule now for November 2015 through April 2016. General certification or program questions are welcome. Contact me at or 508-596-1651.

With financial assistance from the Sound and Sensible contract from USDA, NOFA/Mass launched this program last fall. It will officially end in September 2015. We believe giving farmers that extra help they need with paperwork, strategy and answers to common questions is extremely valuable. We want to be able to fund this program into the future. We are currently looking for ways to fund this program for 2016. Please join us in support of this worthy cause.



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