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Join us for a public hearing on an Act Protecting Massachusetts Pollinators on Tuesday, November 17.

A public hearing is scheduled for this Tuesday, November 17th on H. 655 – An Act Protecting Massachusetts Pollinators.

The Act would establish several new legal requirements to protect pollinators in Massachusetts, including:

  • Neonicotinoids could only be applied by a certified or licensed applicator who has completed a state-developed training program on the risks associated with their use.

  • Neonicotinoids could only be applied for agricultural or horticultural uses during blooming season (as opposed to ornamental uses, e.g., home gardens).

  • Applicators would have to notify any property owner on whose property neonicotinoids would be used of the risks associated with its use.

  • Any product sold in MA that has been treated with neonicotinoids would have to be labeled, including a brief description of the risks.

  • The MA pesticide board subcommittee must biannually review neonicotinoid use and recommend ways to further limit its use.

The result?  Better tracking of neonicotinoid use and more awareness of its risk to pollinators, which we hope will lead to less harm to these struggling species.

The hearing, before the Joint Committee on Natural Resources, Agriculture, and the Environment, will be at 1pm Tuesday 11/17 at the State House, Room A-2. You can sign up to testify upon arrival (share your comments in front of the Committee), or just attend to show your support.

You can also call your legislators, or submit written testimony to the Committee:

Senate Chair Anne M. Gobi and Senators Rush, Eldridge, McGee, Timilty, Hedlund

Room 513

State House

Boston, MA 02133

Tel:(617) 722-1540


House Chair Schmid and Representatives

Mannal, Koczera, Cantwell, Dykema, Cutler, Keefe, Livingstone, Barber, Berthiaume, Kelcourse

Room 473F

State House

Boston, MA 02133

Tel:(617) 722-2210


Tell them you support better regulation of neonicotinoids in MA, and ask them to support H. 655 – An Act Protecting Massachusetts Pollinators.

Two other bills affecting pollinators will be heard during this hearing.  As both of those bills would only establish study/advisory committees, rather than acting immediately to address a known problem, NOFA/Mass has not taken a position on these bills.

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