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This article comes from the NOFA/Massachusetts 2016 February Issue Newsletter

As I settle into my fourth month as the Development Director the most striking revelation about our organization is how incredibly wise and frugal we are with the donations we receive.  I have been in the non-profit world for over ten years now and have interfaced with many non-profits that have high overhead, beautiful “headquarters,” and lots of extras.  I am proud to say that this is not the case at NOFA/Mass.  In fact, we do not have even have a headquarters, beyond Julie Rawson’s farm.  When you donate to our organization the money goes directly to support our programming.  Some of our programming pays for itself; others need your financial contributions to ensure their success.  The three programs that are always in need of additional funding are: 

Beginning Farmer - In this program we pair seasoned farmers with people who have some farming experience but are not yet running their own farms. We provide the necessary support and continued education through beginning farmer workshops at conferences, on-farm workshops, monthly webinars and regular check-ins with beginner farmers and mentors. 

Soil Carbon Restoration - We began this initiative in response to the pressing need for climate stability and recognizing that current farming practices could be altered to reduce atmospheric carbon dioxide and resulting weather extremes.   The culmination of our findings can be found in our “white paper” at  In 2016, our focus will be seeking out growers who are experimenting with ways to avoid tillage, use cover crops before, after, and within crop areas, and rotate animals and crops to mutual benefit, all while maintaining economic viability.  Once these growers are identified we will seek to research their tools and methods, and spread the knowledge thus gained of how to become better ‘carbon farmers’.  

Policy -We are very active on the policy front, being one of the catalyst organizations for uniting massive support for the Massachusetts GMO labeling bill we and members of the Mass Coalition for GMO Labeling are building momentum to pass in 2016. So far we have garnered backing from 155 of the 200 legislators. 


Your financial contributions enable us to educate consumers and farmers about organic, regenerative growing practices and what those practices mean to human health, the environment, and the economy -and because of your support those educated people go on to become a force for change in our world.


Want to know more about our programs?  Check out our website or send me an email at I love getting to know our members and what they’re passionate about, as well as sharing more about our programs and their impact.  I look forward to hearing from you!


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