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This article comes from the NOFA/Massachusetts 2016 February Issue Newsletter

By Sharon Gensler

Conference staff and volunteers at 2016 Winter Conference

I just returned from the Winter Conference where not only did I learn a lot, but thoroughly enjoyed seeing old friends and making new ones. One of the joys is having folks who have volunteered for us stop by the Outreach table to say hello. I say “us” because yes, they volunteer for the organization but “we”- you and I - are NOFA/Mass. So, anyone who helps the organization helps each member by passing on the best of NOFA to others.

Anyway, it was great talking in person with so many of you, rather than just the usual email or phone contact. Thanks for stopping by and for taking literature home with you.  

The other exciting news is that Amirah Mitchell stopped by to inquire about interning with us. Nicole, our Communication Director, fortuitously showed up at that time and we conducted an impromptu interview. Amirah is a student at Spellman College in Atlanta, has gardened and farmed and is enthusiastic about organic food and food issues. So, welcome aboard Amirah! She will be doing outreach in Metro Boston, reaching out to farms to get more listings on our food and products guide website, helping with outreach for the Summer Conference, and doing research as assigned. She will be a great representative for us at events around Boston.

So, now’s your chance to participate more fully in your favorite organic farming organization! Check out these upcoming events and let me know if you can volunteer your time to staff our outreach table to reach new people in the state. More events will be added to the website. Those who volunteer 4 or more hours get a $25 credit for workshops, membership or NOFA/Mass gear. To volunteer or find out more, contact me at

Upcoming Outreach Events

  • March 12: MA Urban Farming Conference, Northeastern University
  • March 13: Environmental Action Conference, Northeastern University
  • March 19: Western MA Master Gardener Symposium, S. Deerfield
  • March 23: Greening Greenfield film and discussion, Sharon
  • March 25 & 26: Just Food? Forum, Land Use, Rights, and Ecology, Harvard U. Law School
  • March 31 & April 1: Spirit of Sustainable Agriculture Conf, Harvard Divinity School
  • April 2: MA Land Conservation Conference, Worcester Tech.
  • April 5: Ag Day at the State House
  • April 16: Amherst Sustainability Fair

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