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This article comes from the NOFA/Massachusetts 2016 February Issue Newsletter

By David Pontius

The NOFA/Mass Organic Food and Products Guide (OFG) is an online directory of farms and businesses throughout Massachusetts that raise and sell certified organic and sustainably grown products and offer supportive services. Our goal is to comprehensively showcase the organic and sustainable community in a way that is useful to consumers, farmers, gardeners, the media and the general public. Initially started in 1988, the OFG switched from print to an online format in 2009. The website receives thousands of page views per month.

Because we want the OFG to be a comprehensive directory of the state's organic and sustainable farm and business community, we are always looking to farms and businesses to list their products or services on the site. If your farm or business is certified organic or meets the NOFA/Mass Sustainability Pledge requirements, joining this community marketplace couldn’t be easier and more beneficial.

The OFG provides a unique way for each farm or business to showcase products and services on a beautifully designed and individualized web page. To list your farm or business, simply fill out the form at this link: Once completed you can also send a logo or photos to

Web pages are free for farms. The fee for businesses is $90 a year, which helps to pay for the guide. To list your business, contact Chris, for more information.

Your products must be certified organic or you must be able to affirm this Sustainability Pledge:

“I have raised my food without genetically modified (GM) seed or sewage sludge on land free from synthetic pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers for at least three years. My livestock have access to pasture out-of-doors, are raised without antibiotics, artificial hormones, or synthetic parasiticides and receive either 100% organic feed or feed that has been raised sustainably, as defined by the first sentence of this pledge.”

Please note, if you grow your vegetables organically, but feed your animals grain which is not certified organic or grown following the above pledge, we can ONLY list your vegetables.


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