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New Food Access Coordinator announced

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This article comes from the NOFA/Massachusetts 2016 March Issue Newsletter

Anna Gilbert-Muhammed

We welcome Anna Gilbert-Muhammed, who was hired as the NOFA/Mass Food Access Coordinator in January. She manages a 1/4 acre urban garden that she has been growing over the past 6 years. Right now she grows enough to feed her household and sell what is left over. Anna also works with Gardening the Community, a youth organization in Springfield, MA that specializes in urban agriculture. (Now an independent non-profit, Gardening the Community was founded by NOFA/Mass in 2000.) She also is the Community Garden Coordinator for the Springfield, MA Food Policy Council - Urban Agriculture Committee. 
In her new role with NOFA/Mass, Anna will be managing a Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources Specialty Crops grant. Through the grant, we will help implement and learn about the use of mineral amendments and cover cropping in compost based soils to improve fertility. Organizations collaborating with us on this grant are Groundwork Somerville and Trustees of Reservations, Boston Region. Anna will continue to build on our fertility collaboration with Gardening the Community and is investigating a relationship with Worcester youth organizations. 

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