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This article comes from the NOFA/Massachusetts 2016 April Issue Newsletter

By Sharon Gensler

It’s spring and invitations to share NOFA/Mass with the world are popping up faster than my daffodils! Check out the list of upcoming events below and let me know how you want to be involved. We love to have member/volunteers represent us.

We’ve been very busy in the month of March and want to say THANK YOU to the following people:

Jono Neiger for tabling at the Ecological Landscape Alliance Conference; Samantha Glaze-Corcoran who attended the Master Gardner Symposium in S. Deerfield; Nicole Belanger went to Building a Sustainable Worcester which focused on the Central Mass Food Movement; Caro Roszell and Vidya Tikku were at the BNAN Gardeners Gathering; Jane Bindley, Mary DeBlois, Jane Hammer, Phil Jones and Amirah Mitchell covered the 3 day NESA Conference (Northeast Sustainable Energy Assoc.); and the big winner is Amirah Mitchell, our wonderful intern, who also represented us at three other events - the Just Food Conference and the Spirit of Sustainability Conference both at Harvard and the Urban Farming Conference.

I know that they all enjoyed themselves and felt like it was important to talk with folks about NOFA/Mass and all that we do. Amirah told me how much she enjoyed talking with attendees, making contacts and learning from various workshops she attended even though she almost lost her voice!

Don’t forget to check out these events. Remember, you get free admission and have fun meeting new people and talking NOFA! Or stop by the table to say hi to the volunteer who could step up. More events will be added to the website, as we receive the invitations. Do check for more info.

Want to help out or find out more? Get in touch with me by emailing 

Upcoming Events

  • April 2: MA Land Conservation Conference, Worcester Tech.
  • April 2: Western MA Master Gardeners Symposium, Holyoke
  • April 5: Ag Day at the State House
  • April 9: Western MA Master Gardeners Symposium, Lennox
  • April 16: Amherst Sustainability Fair
  • April 21: Earth Day Bristol Community College
  • April 23-24: Greenfield Better Living Fair
  • April 28: Earth Day, MIT Lincoln Labs
  • April 30: Earth Day, Charlton

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