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Relocating the Summer Conference

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This article comes from the NOFA/Massachusetts 2016 September Issue Newsletter

By Jason Valcourt

Social & Racial Justice Panel Discussion, August 2016

We are opening up our options in seeking another location to host you at the Annual NOFA Summer Conference. Based on our wish to host a more convenient and close community event we are considering moving the conference location to better suit our needs and to align with the spirit of NOFA.

We seek a host that loves the organic movement and has suitable space for us in the second weekend of August every year. We’d love your help with ideas and even advocacy in helping us get acquainted with prospective sites.

Here is what the conference requires logistically:

  • Western Mass. location to geographically accommodate all seven NOFA chapters.
  • Our 3-day NOFA Summer Conference is typically held the second weekend in August.
  • Housing: We require 200-250 beds.
  • Meals: We require our meals to be as organic as possible, and our peak dining needs on the Saturday of the 2016 conference were:
    • 100 Breakfasts
    • 200 Lunches
    • 200 Dinners

■      We have offered other dining options such as a food truck that have offset actual dining numbers, so these numbers would swell a lot if we have to feed everyone in a dining hall.

  • Area for about 90 exhibitors. We presently rent a 180' x 40' tent.
  • Outdoor open space for activities, horses, goats and our "Country Fair".
  • Area, with shade, for 60-70 tent campers.
  • 16-20 classrooms with AV capabilities ranging from 40-150 person capacity.
  • We require a Plenary space for keynote addresses. What is the space’s maximum capacity for this?
  • We typically serve alcohol Friday and Saturday evenings.
  • We require ample parking.

Please send thoughts, suggestions and offers to help to


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