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October outreach update

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This article comes from the NOFA/Massachusetts 2016 October Issue Newsletter

By Sharon Gensler

In the past month, we attended some fabulous events and advocated for your favorite organic farming organization!  The Big E was as hectic with throngs of people in attendance.  We tried to talk with as many as possible and to interact with “government” folks too.  Thanks for the help, Mary DeBlois!  Mary also helped at the North Quabbin Garlic & Arts Festival, as did Leanne Limoges and Bob Banning.  Again, thank you trusty volunteers, one and all!

Last month I asked for your help in revitalizing our volunteer program by doing a Survey Monkey Survey.  Sad to say I didn’t get even one response.  So, I’m giving you a chance to redeem yourself and help now.  It is very quick and is for those who have and those who have never volunteered.  Your voice is important to us.  Please take a minute:

We’ll be having our NOFA table at a few fun events; email me to help out or just stop by the table to say “Hi” to me or to one of our incredible volunteers. Sharon -

Upcoming Events

October 19 & 29:  Food Day and Sustainability Day, WSU Worcester

October 22:  Schumacher Lecture with Wendell Berry & Wes Jackson, Great Barrington

November 4:  Farm Based Education National Gathering, Concord


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