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NOFA/Mass’s membership perk helps farmers obtain Organic Certification

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This article comes from the NOFA/Massachusetts 2016 December Issue Newsletter

By Laura Davis

That’s right, NOFA/Mass offers help to farmers and processors that have questions about the organic certification process, application, costs, allowed amendments and more. Have more than a question? Need someone to fill out the application because you don’t have computer access or computer savvy? NOFA/Mass Certification Assistance has proved beneficial to at least 12 newly certified farms over the past two years. 

Winter, when you have some breathing room, is the perfect time to apply. Many farmers have found that a quick review of their dossier is all they need prior to submitting an application to Baystate Organic Certifiers. This saves both the farmer and the certifier time that might be required to explain and fill in vague or missing answers.  Incomplete applications will delay consideration of an application and scheduling of review and inspection. Your first hour of assistance is on us (thank you to a few NOFA/Mass donors); if you should need additional assistance NOFA/Mass members enjoy reasonable fees for additional hours. Non-members may also access this service

Call or email Laura Davis at 508-596-1651 or to get on the calendar for December-April. Laura is a certified organic grower at Long Life Farm and also works as an Independent Organic Inspector for Baystate Organic Certifiers.


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