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NOFA Bulk Order opening January 1: Easier to use & more affordable than ever!

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This article comes from the NOFA/Massachusetts 2017 January Issue Newsletter

By Caro Roszell

The Bulk Order will open again on the first of the year for another round of bulk-priced, high-quality farm and garden supplies! As always, you will have one month to place your order (Jan 1 through February 1), with delivery taking placein March (most items) and April (tubers and allium sets).

The Bulk Order is a great way to save money on organically-certifiable farm and garden supplies, access items that may not be readily available in your area, and participate in a community-oriented, collective buying process. By participating in the NOFA Bulk Order, a part of your purchase goes to support the important education and advocacy work of your local NOFA chapter. 

Anyone who can make it to one of our pick up sites by the requisite pick-up day may participate, though all participants are encouraged to be NOFA members. (Non-members must pay an additional 10% over listed prices.)

New in 2017: Online store, reduced prices & exclusive items

In 2017, the Bulk Order will be easier than ever to use, with a new online ordering platform (check our website on January 1 for the link to our new online store) and a new easier-to-use order form!

In addition to making the Bulk Order easier to use, we have also lowered prices on most cover crops! Prices are down, on average, by 15% (price change varies by cover crop variety).

We will also have new items exclusive to the NOFA Bulk Order — we will have a high-quality 50/50 Compost Biochar Blend from Ideal Compost Company and NextChar. This blend conditions soil, increasing its capacity to store nutrients and water, and provides a gentle liming effect. It can be immediately applied to soil without shocking. Also new this year are an improved custom NOFA Perennial & Pasture Mix and a new custom NOFA Fall-to-Spring cover crop cocktail. The Fall-to-Spring mix is designed for single-year cover cropping, and balances the benefits of a main-season cover crop with the full-season benefits of a winter hardy cover, without any species that are especially hard to kill in the spring.

2017 delivery & pick up days:

  • Tuesday, March 14: Delivery Day for most items (Volunteers welcome!)
  • Saturday, March 18: Pickup Day for most items
  • Tuesday April 11: Delivery Day for Tubers (Volunteers welcome; some sites encourage tubers pickup on this day)
  • Saturday April 15: Pickup Day for Tubers (most sites)

Delivery, Pickup Dates, and Sites for 2017

Specific pickup times vary by site, so check your site for hours. A strong tradition of the Bulk Order is volunteering; all volunteers may take their orders home early. After you place your order in January, you will be put in touch with your site coordinator, with whom you can arrange the best time to come and help offload trucks and sort orders.

Pick-Up Sites for 2017:

The NOFA Tri-State Bulk Order serves participants primarily in MA, RI and CT, though anyone who is willing to drive to (or arrange pick up in) any of our pickup sites (see below, or view a map of 2017 pick-up sites) is welcome to participate.

  • Belchertown: NESFI, 275 Jackson St.
  • Barre: Many Hands Organic Farm, 411 Sheldon Rd
  • Dalton: Holiday Farm, 100 Holiday Cottage Rd
  • Meriden, CT:  High Hill Orchard, 86 Fleming Rd
  • Seekonk, MA (Serving Rhode Island): Early Dawn Farm, 521 Prospect St
  • Waltham, MA: Waltham Fields Community Farm, 240 Beaver St
  • Winchester: Wright Locke Farm, 78 Ridge St
  • West Wareham: Progressive Grower, 81 Charlotte Furnace Rd

Waltham Fields Community Farm is returning in 2017 as a pick-up site after a few-years break to undergo renovations to on-farm structures.

Rhode Islanders: While we will not have a pick-up site in RI in 2017, we have a new pickup site very close to the Rhode Island border at Early Dawn Farm in Seekonk, MA. NOFA/RI members can still renew memberships through the NOFA bulk order, and all participants with an RI address will still have a portion of their order total go directly to support the NOFA/RI Chapter.


The NOFA Bulk Order relies on our group of committed suppliers. Once again we will be working with Organic Growers Supply, Moose Tubers, Fertrell, Vermont Compost Company, Crop Production Services, North Country Organics, Ideal Compost Company, and Lancaster Agriculture, as well as a new supplier in 2017, Progressive Grower (West Wareham, MA) who have served now for several years as a pick-up site.

Thank you for your past support, and we hope that this year’s changes improve your experience of the NOFA Bulk Order! Your participation supports the good work of your NOFA Chapter and we look forward to serving you again in 2017. 


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