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This article comes from the NOFA/Massachusetts 2017 March Issue Newsletter

By Dan Bensonoff

The Arctic Apple, which has been genetically engineered not to brown. (Courtesy Okanagan Specialty Fruits)

We’ve compiled this list of stories to help keep you up to date on issues impacting food and farming.

Expanding The Political Influence of The Food Movement

Thought leaders Michael Pollan, Mark Bittman, and others take a holistic look at what the food movement can unite around in the Trump era.

Arctic Apples- The Latest “Miracle” of Biotechnology

A non-browning apple has officially hit the grocery shelves in some retail outlets. Unlike most GE foods which are used for feedstock, ethanol, or processed foods, this one you can actually bite into. But will this apple change the way Americans think about GE foods?

Roundup could be labeled as carcinogen in California

California just won a lawsuit that would make it the first state to officially list and label RoundUp as a carcinogen. But, of course, Monsanto lawyers aren’t giving up just yet. (We know how they feel about labels…)

Many Native Americans lack access to healthy food, but there’s a growing movement to change that

If you want to see the worst effects of the Modern American diet, visit a native reservation. The varied and ancient foodway traditions have been replaced by Walmarts and McDonalds. But some visionaries are bringing back the old ways of community gardening and food forests.

Cows With A Sweet Tooth?                           

Ever thought about what happens to candy that’s old, expired, or just unfit for human consumption. Turns out that it goes to the feedlot. And, just like toddlers, those cows can’t get enough skittles.

Real Milk Threatens Fake Milk In Court       

Plant-based milks like soy, almond, and hemp have seen skyrocketing sales in recent years. And the cow milk industry is jealous. They’re suing plant-based milk products over whether they have a right to use the term “milk” on their package.

Vermont Cheesemakers Are Using the Laboratory To Create a New “Terroir”

Celebrated Vermont cheesemakers, Jasper Hill, are turning to biotechnology to create new cultures that will make their cheeses stand out even more.

Farming Is the New Golf, At Least For Some Retirees       

According to the NY Times, more and more retirees are starting hobby farms instead of migrating down to the Florida.

Will the EPA Protect Our Children From Chlorpyrifos, a Pesticide Known To Cause Developmental Damage, Now That Trump’s In Office?

How will the EPA’s mission “to protect human health and the environment” fare under Mr. Trump’s executive order requiring federal agencies to scrap two regulations for every one they institute on small businesses? What happens with chlorpyrifos may be our best indication.

Over 300 farm and environmental groups (including yours truly) urge Attorney General Sessions to reject agribusiness mega-mergers

If the Trump Administration cares about economic growth, then they need to stand up to these potential monopolistic mergers.


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