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This article comes from the NOFA/Massachusetts 2017 May Issue Newsletter

By Dan Bensonoff

We’ve compiled this list of stories to help keep you up to date on issues impacting food and farming.

Returning Native Seeds To Their Roots

Native seed advocates look to “rematriate” seeds to native communities ensuring continued stewardship and tradition

How Ants Figured Out Farming Millions of Years Before Humans

Well before the mushroom caves of France and shiitake cultivation in the far East, ants figured out how to farm fungus underground.

What Does “Certified Transitional” Mean?         

Those three years of transition time before a farm can transition to becoming certified organic can be an economic challenge for some farmers. But a new way to ease that burden has been unleashed into the marketplace, and it might be a vehicle for more organic acres.

Can We Eat Our Ramps and Have Them Too?

It’s ramp season in Massachusetts, but before you go foraging for one of our wild spring delicacies, you may want to consider the impact of our combined human harvest.

Environmentalists Sue EPA For Reversing Obama Era Move To Ban Pesticide

The pesticide Chlorpyrifos is widely acknowledged to cause brain damage, especially among children. Even though the EPA itself conceded these findings, the new EPA has decided to reinstate the chemical.

Seeing The Pasture For The Trees

How and why to integrate trees into a pasture

Farmers Struggle To Find U.S. Farmworkers

Organic farms rely on more labor than conventional farms, but with the recent crackdowns on immigration, it’s getting harder and harder for farms to find good workers.


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