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Save November 5 for our 5th Annual "Organic to Heal the Planet" Run/Walk in Lexington, MA.

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This article comes from the NOFA/Massachusetts 2017 June Issue Newsletter

By Kristin Brennan

Ray Archuleta speaks to crowd at July 2016 "Cocktail Cover Crops: Trials and Techniques" workshop

NOFA/Mass encourages me to do things that both feel good and are good.

Here are some examples:

  • Gathering with fun and interesting farmers, gardeners, homesteaders throughout the year to share and learn how I can grow better food on healthier soil
  • Considering my farming practices in terms of the larger ecosystem, seeing myself as an integral part of that global picture
  • Experimenting with my farming systems, trying new things
  • Being creative in the use of materials and resources on my land and in my home
  • Working with my neighbors to promote greater food security in my city

When I come back from NOFA/Mass conferences, I am always amazed at how useful the information is that I have gathered… and, I've had a lot of fun. When I return from on-farm education events, I am inspired to try one more thing on my land or in my life… and, I've had a lot of fun. When I read the newsletter, The Natural Farmer, the materials on best practices for urban growers, I am full of ideas, energy, hope. After the Earth Day potluck, I thought: I love to be encouraged to visit someone's home, eat homegrown and home cooked food, and see what creative things they are doing in their lives

NOFA/Mass finds that intersection of the goods: where it feels good and nourishing, while being good and nourishing.

On November 5, 2017, I am going to participate in yet another NOFA/Mass activity that I know will feel good at the same time as being good: The NOFA/Mass 5th Annual "Organic to Heal the Planet" Run/Walk in Lexington, MA.

I know that the Walk/Run is critical in facilitating the work of NOFA/Mass. Funds raised enable the continuation of critical programs that work toward:

  • Sequestering carbon in the soil
  • Training the next generation of organic farmers
  • Advocating for public policy in the interest of growers and consumers at the state and national levels
  • Working with urban and rural growers of all ages, ensuring healthy food for everyone

I also know that leading up to November 5th, I'll lace up my running sneakers as often as possible to keep my muscles loose and my lungs warmed up… and that will feel good. On the day of the race, I'll be on a team with those fun NOFA/Mass folks from the conferences and workshops. I'll be happy to see them. And after covering those kilometers on foot, we'll all enjoy a good potluck feast. What a good way to spend the day.

On November 5, 2017, join us in feeling good and doing good. Together, let's show NOFA/Mass how thankful we are for all of those conferences, workshops, conversations, newsletter articles, soil tests, The Natural Farmer editions that have helped shape what kind of farmers or gardeners or homesteaders or consumers we are. Together, let's demonstrate our support for what NOFA/Mass does, for what it stands for, and ensure its health as an organization into the future. 

Visit the run team sign up and donations page here. More details coming soon. Contact with questions and please add November 5th to your calendar! Hope to see you there!


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