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This article comes from the NOFA/Massachusetts 2017 July Issue Newsletter

By Dan Bensonoff

We’ve compiled this list of stories to help keep you up to date on issues impacting food and farming.


Why Congress should make organic agriculture a national priority

Organic acreage just isn’t keeping up with demand. That’s no accident. Unless we make the necessary investments, it’ll never catch up.

U.S. Pays Farmers Billions To Save The Soil. But It's Blowing Away

The Conservation Stewardship Program is the largest conservation program we have in the U.S.A. But paying farmers to take land out of production isn’t yielding the desired results.

How New Roots Are Driving An Apple Renaissance

If your grandparents saw a modern apple orchard, they’d probably think it’s a blueberry grove. Changes in rootstock genetics have completely shifted the way we grow apples.

How millions of cartons of ‘organic’ milk contain an oil brewed in industrial vats of algae    

Those healthful Omega fatty acids in your organic milk? They may not be from a cow, but from an algal additive. Is that “organic”?

Why Honeybees Are The Wrong Problem To Solve

Honeybees get all the attention, and that irks Sarah Bergmann of The Pollinator Pathway project. She says we ought to be focusing our attention on the bigger picture, and the way to do that is through “environmental imagination”.

Who Really Needs to Be Gluten-Free?

Unsure about whether eating gluten is right for you? So, apparently are millions of Americans. Celiac Disease can take years before symptoms appear. A recent task force looked into what can be done.

Get ready. Amazon-Whole Foods deal will change how you buy food forever
As if Amazon didn’t already sell enough, they recently acquired Whole Foods for $13.7 Billion. What does an online marketplace serve to gain by controlling the natural foods giant? 


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