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This article comes from the NOFA/Massachusetts 2017 September Issue Newsletter

By Dan Bensonoff

A new study is adding to evidence that a popular class of pesticides can harm wild bees, like bumblebees (Photo Researchers/Getty Images).

Who really owns American farmland?    

You think Google circa 2004 was a good investment? Turns out America’s farmland has been one of the top growth “commodities” over the past few decades. And where there’s money to be made, Wall Street is never far.

Monsanto Emails Raise Issue of Influencing Research on Roundup Weed Killer

A class action lawsuit of farmers against Monsanto has opened up new documents that (yet again) point to Monsanto’s willingness to ghostwrite research in order to legitimize their products. 

Farm-To-Table May Feel Virtuous, But It's Food Labor That's Ripe For Change

A chef questions just how effective farm-to-table restaurants are at righting the inequalities of the food system. Can the theater of farm-to-table break the fourth wall into real change?

Popular Pesticides Keep Bumblebees From Laying Eggs

“Wild bees, such as bumblebees, don't get as much love as honeybees, but they should.” Those farm-fresh tomatoes you’re eating? Pollinated by bumblebees. Sadly, the sharp rise in neonic usage has put them in jeopardy of collapse.

If Everyone Ate Beans Instead of Beef

Perhaps simplistic, but an easy place to start: to reduce your dietary footprint, just substitute beef kidney for kidney bean.

US federal department is censoring use of term 'climate change', emails reveal

The thought police have decided that USDA should drop all talk of “climate change” and replace that with “extreme weather”. As if farmers don’t know what’s going on.

No, poor people don't eat more junk food than everyone else

Donald Trump isn’t the only billionaire who enjoys pizza and burgers. Turns out that the middle class eats more fast food than the poor. And, not surprisingly, this study also reveals that fast food isn’t even cheap, at least when compared to home-cooked food.


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