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This article comes from the NOFA/Massachusetts 2017 September Issue Newsletter

By Kristin Brennan

"You guys walk the walk," one NOFA/Mass member told us this spring when she sent her annual donation. "I am in love with NOFA. The whole organic world would be different without you."[N1] 

On November 5, 2017, we will be walking (and running) the walk of the organic movement in Lexington, MA. The Organic To Heal the Planet Run is NOFA/Mass's yearly fundraiser and it makes our work possible! We need team members to run or to walk – please join us! Find out how to join the team here. Read more about it on our website:

Here are some words from our members and from our runners as to Why NOFA/Mass and Why the Organic to Heal the Planet Run?

NOFA/Mass inspires...

Linda Hoffman & Blasé Provitola: Harvard, MA, Old Frog Pond & Studio, Certified Organic since 2006

"NOFA/Mass is a voice for what is whole and part of a bigger picture and the direction that we need to be headed in. Kindred spirits. I feel very moved to be on the course that makes a difference. Real food, love and all the energy behind it. I really appreciate the work that you guys do. "

NOFA/Mass is practical...

Mrs. A.C. Anderson: Amherst, MA

At 91 years of age, Mrs. A.C. Anderson traces her food production back to her exposure to NOFA. "I learned about NOFA at Hampshire College. That is how I started growing garlic. I started with elephant garlic," she says. Now, she still sells her garlic at the Farmers' Market behind Thornes in Northampton.

NOFA/Mass has a universal message...

This work touches not only our Massachusetts community. Our education about farming methods that promote soil carbon restoration has spread to our sister NOFA chapters. Farmers and gardeners and homeowners are gathering all around the region to learn how they can manage their land in a way that mitigates climate change and builds the soil.

John and Judith Scotnicki, members from Concord, MA, say, "Your influence across New England for growing the proper food with the proper soil chemistry is so important. It is absolutely the solution for all countries across the world."

NOFA/Mass is touching the soil and organic movement around the globe...

When NOFA/Mass was at the "Sequestering Carbon in Soil - Addressing the Climate Threat" Conference in Paris, we learned that many members of the national and international community are using our practical, down-to-earth materials on soil to educate themselves and their constituencies. After the publishing of our White Paper on Carbon, we heard from Vandana Shiva, International seed and farming activist. “Your paper is so clear, simple and accessible – it can reach every farmer and every child. May we, with your permission, translate it into Hindi for use in India?”

Team NOFA/Mass fundraises to make this work possible.

Mary Deblois: Sherborn, MA

"The soil is the great connector of lives, the source and the destination of all. It is the healer and restorer and resurrector, by which disease passes into health, age into youth, death into life. Without proper care for it, we can have no community, because without proper care for it we can have no life." Wendell Berry

It will be Mary's fifth year running the Organic to Heal the Planet 10K. In fact, as a NOFA/Mass Board Member, she helped jumpstart this event idea. To her it was the perfect combination of spreading the word about NOFA/Mass, raising funds to support its work, and doing it in a way that promotes health and connection. Mary feels that now, more than ever, we all need to think globally and act locally for our planet and she sees NOFA/Mass as on the cutting edge of the most important environmental issues, in particular soil carbon restoration. A lifetime member, Mary's energetic self can be found at NOFA/Mass conferences, workshops, and events - this spring she hosted an Earth Day potluck on Cape Cod. She is excited for new Team NOFA/Mass members!

Julie Rawson: Barre, MA

If you want to walk with Team NOFA/Mass and have a really good conversation doing so, partner up with Julie Rawson.  The NOFA/Mass Executive Director for over 30 years, Julie knows something about most things – recently a lot about cover cropping and carbon farming - and if she doesn't know something, she's open to learning about it. Julie is interested in people, what their interests and passions are, and how she can partner with them to make a better world, so all that makes her an excellent conversationalist. It is also her fifth year on Team NOFA/Mass.  

Why does she participate year after year?

"I feel very passionately that we as farmers, gardeners, and eaters must step up on the topic of climate change and radically change the way we farm, garden and eat so that we are doing everything to make sure that the food we put in our mouths, or that we grow for others is carbon sequestering positive,” shared Julie. This is a tall order and we are all still neophytes about how to best do this. I fundraise and participate in the Organic to Heal the Planet Run because it is just one more way we can spread this essential word to a large population of people about the gravity of the situation. The more money we can raise, the more we can educate ourselves, our members and the general public about how to make this essential change in the way we work the land and put food in our mouths."

Carolina Ramos: Brasilia, Brazil

Carol Ramos is a homebirth midwife in a country where the majority of deliveries are C-Section. She is interested in holistic life choices in all realms and has been exposed to NOFA through her farming and climate change aware friends. In her small apartment in Brazil, she grows herbs in her windows and seeks out local producers of all kinds to supply her own table and the diets of her clients. 

"I always tell my clients: nutrition and the value of your food is of upmost importance,” says Ramos. “Healthy food makes a healthy mom and sets the stage for a healthy pregnancy. I've found that organic food, fresh food, and lots of vegetables are a critical piece of maternal health and make my job so much easier! When I think of food being grown in sync with nature, building the soil rather than depleting it, I am all the more inspired to support such agriculture in my own choices."

Dave MorrisDavid Morris, Sherborn, MA

"I never fail to marvel at the beauty around me. Every time I go running, I feel so grateful. Right now, our environment is under siege and this is a top of the line issue for me... ecology, the environment. I am concerned for my children, how it will impact them in their lifetime. Organic to Heal the Planet is the practical message and the work of NOFA/Mass the organization I am willing to run for."



Vidya Tikku: Boston, MA

“I admire the unflinching pursuit of our mission to serve all, meeting them where they are through farming, science, education and partnerships.”



Allison Houghton: Lexington, MA

"NOFA is a great place to connect with new people and ideas. As I have been in different roles as a gardener, farmer, and food enthusiast, I find it inspiring to connect with people who care about good food grown well. It's one of the reasons I enjoy going to events like the run as a opportunity to connect with people who share some of those same passions and interests!"


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