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This article comes from the NOFA/Massachusetts 2017 September Issue Newsletter

Julie Rawson, Executive Director

We find ourselves from time to time short on board members in NOFA/Mass.   This body of eleven spirited individuals is overall in charge of the governance of NOFA/Mass.  Though our staff does most of the work on the ground, the board concerns itself with matters including budgets, personnel policies, strategic plans, overall educational direction, policy initiatives, fiscal development, and more!  If you would like to join this august group of people, please contact me (Executive Director) at, or (978) 355-2853, or Laura Davis (Board President), at, or (508) 596-1651, and we can talk.  Here below is a short job description that gives you a sense of the magnitude of the commitment.

Responsibilities of a member of the Board of Directors of NOFA/Mass:

  • Participate actively in educational and member service programs and projects via working group or committees;
  • Provide responsible oversight of NOFA/Mass through membership in at least one board standing committee.  The committees are: Executive, Strategic Planning, Development, Education, Finance, Personnel, Board Development, Public Policy and Interstate Council.
  • Be an advocate and spokesperson for NOFA/Mass in accordance with the stated purposes and policies of the organization;
  • Be a paid up member with an expectation of attendance at all board meetings (6-8 per year, 2-3 of these person with the remainder on the phone).
  • Attend the annual board/staff retreats in late fall/early winter and late winter/early spring.
  • Participate in some aspect of NOFA/Mass’ fundraising  
  • Make a yearly financial donation to NOFA/Mass
  • Represent NOFA/Mass at one outreach event per year

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