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MA Raw Milk Network Updated, Now With New Statewide Map

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This article comes from the NOFA/Massachusetts 2017 September Issue Newsletter

By Dan Bensonoff and Marty Dagoberto

The Massachusetts Raw Milk Network is one of the most frequently accessed resources we’ve assembled at NOFA/Mass. As the popularity of raw milk grows, we are happy to help more and more people find local farms providing fresh, certified raw milk. Our online directory has been recently updated and verified and now includes 28 dairies across the state. It now also includes an interactive Google map to help people find local options.

Under current law, unpasteurized (raw) milk can only legally be bought directly from the farmer at the point of production at a dairy certified and inspected by the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources (MDAR). Current proposed legislation that is part of "An Act promoting agriculture in the Commonwealth," House Bill 2938 and Senate Bill 442, would allow farmers or their third party contractors to deliver raw milk to consumers, so long as consumers have a contract with the farmer prior to delivery.

Right now, there are very few raw milk dairies in the densely-populated eastern part of the state. Customers who want raw milk from this area often have to drive an hour or more to a raw milk dairy. By opening up the market through delivery, the raw milk market would serve more customers and increase the economic vitality of small dairies.

If you want to support the legalization of raw milk delivery, contact your legislators (both State Representatives and Senator) and encourage them to support "the Raw Milk Distribution section of the Ag. Omnibus Bill."

For now, raw milk drinkers will have to buy their milk directly from the farms listed in our directory. All the listings in our directory are certified and regularly inspected by MDAR and have consented to being listed. If anyone knows of another dairy that may wish to be listed, they can contact with any suggestions. We are also interested in listing dairies near the border, as that may be of interest to consumers in border towns.

For more information on the benefits of raw milk and to find your local dairy, please visit


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