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Volunteers Needed - Represent NOFA/Mass at Woven Roots Farm at “Farm to Fork Fondo”

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This article comes from the NOFA/Massachusetts 2017 September Issue Newsletter

By Marty Dagoberto

An organized bicycle ride will be stopping at farms across the Berkshires on September 24, where cyclists will sample chef-prepared bites and learn about local agriculture. NOFA/Mass has been invited to staff an “aid station” at Woven Roots Farm in Tyringham. We need four volunteers to give water, snacks and towels to cyclists. Not only is this a fun way to gain exposure for NOFA/Mass, but we’ll even raise some money as well!

“The mission of the Farm to Fork Fondo series is to highlight and support the symbiotic relationship between cyclists, farmers and beautiful landscapes,” reads the organization’s website. “To meet our mission of supporting farmland preservation, we work hard to collect donations from sponsoring companies and participants to donate to local organizations.”

Cyclists will vote on their favorite aid station teams, and the most popular teams will win a larger share of the donations. We need some fun and energetic volunteers to represent us and to make an impression on these cyclists! If you’re interested in helping, please contact


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