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"Where in the world is NOFA tabling?"

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This article comes from the NOFA/Massachusetts 2017 October Issue Newsletter

Marty at the NOFA table at this years Summer Conference (photo cred Marcie Gregory)

Hopefully many of you reading this were able to stop by our table at the NOFA Summer Conference a few weeks ago. After that paradoxically energizing and exhausting weekend, we’ve had a bit of a break in events, but we’ve got some exciting events coming up where we will be spreading the good organic word and activating eaters to learn and support regenerative organic agriculture. We hope to see you at some of these events!

Recently, on Sept. 23rd and 24th we attended  the 19th Annual North Quabbin Garlic & Arts Festival, “The Festival that Stinks!” in Orange. This 100% volunteer driven event has something for everyone, and they’ve cultivated a great community vibe. An annual celebration of the artistic, agricultural and cultural bounty of the region, this year’s theme was “Resilience and Revolution.” Learn more at

In October we’ll be at Worcester State University (home of our Winter Conference) for their 10th annual Sustainability and Food Fair (Oct. 18-19). Then on October 22, NOFA/Mass will be hosting “Seed Sovereignty Day,” a seed breeding workshop at Round the Bend Farm in Dartmouth. See last month’s newsletter article about this exciting opportunity to learn and take action to reclaim control over our seeds, our food, and our lives.

November brings us the 7th Annual Soil & Nutrition Conference (Nov. 29-30 in Sturbridge), which “explores principles, techniques and practices at the intersection of farm and human ecosystems that can be applied to improve environmental sustainability, food quality, and overall well-being.” Right up our alley! NOFA members will want to check this out:

In December we’ll be collaborating with other NOFA chapters to represent our movement at the 2017 New England Vegetable and Fruit Conference (Dec. 12-14, Manchester, New Hampshire).

Several NOFA staff members are also excited to attend the Community Food Systems Conference (Dec. 5-7, Boston) hosted by New Entry Sustainable Farming Project ( This is another one that might be of great interest to many of our members! This is the a new event, and according to the website, it will “bring together leaders in, and advocates of, food security, sustainable agriculture and social justice movements to discuss their range of perspectives, how these areas overlap, and how to support one another’s work.”

Tabling at conferences is often a very rewarding way to connect the dots between issues and change-makers, and to bring new people into our movement. We’re always looking for more opportunities, so if anyone reading this has suggestions for high-energy gatherings where NOFA should be, please drop a line to 



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