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This article comes from the NOFA/Massachusetts 2017 November Issue Newsletter

By Kristin Brennan, Development Director

Last years run team came in 1st and raised $21,000 to fund NOFA/ us make this years run just as great!

Support The Breadth and Depth of NOFA/Mass by supporting the Organic to Heal the Planet Run/Walk Fundraiser

It is hard to describe NOFA/Mass in just a couple of sentences. The breadth of our vision and mission reflects the expansiveness, diversity, and interconnectedness of our planet's ecosystem and the human family that is lucky enough to benefit from it.  How do you explain that in a sound bite? 

You already know this: NOFA/Mass envisions a commonwealth of people working together to create healthy landscapes that feed our communities and restore our environment.  But you might not know this: one of the special things about us is that the organization itself is staffed and led by the very constituency that we serve. Our staff and Board is comprised mostly of small organic farmers and homesteaders who have direct, intimate relationship with the land, food and natural resources.  This organizational groundedness in the practical work of farming gives us both insight and humility as we promote education and policy for a healthy, sustainable organic food system.  It also means that we run this organization with the frugality of farmers - with humble salaries and benefits - so that more of every dollar goes toward programming.

The Organic to Heal the Planet Run/Walk is our yearly call out to celebrate and support the statewide organization (NOFA/Mass!) that keeps the local organic movement evolving.

It is not too late!  Here's how you can be involved:

  1. Support the effort by helping us reach our goal:  Choose a team member and make a contribution!
  2. Come to Lexington High School on November 5 and cheer on the team.  Race starts at 12 PM!  Meet us at the NOFA/Mass table at 11:30 AM.
  3. Join us for the after-race yummy farm fresh food potluck at our NOFA/Mass table (sometime around 1ish).  Bring a dish to share from the bounty of your farm, garden or the farm and gardens near you.
  4. Call Kristin, 915-208-2803, or email with any questions!

In this moment of glorious autumn weather it’s easy to visualize what NOFA/Mass offers as  a way to wrap our heads around this important organization and articulate why investing in the Organic to Heal the Planet walk/run is critical. Here's what we bring to the organic community in Massachusetts:

  • On site farming and soil technical assistance including soil tests, analysis and recommendations
  • beginning farmer support, information, trainings, and mentorships
  • 2 major organic food and farming conferences per year
  • 18 on farm workshops per year on a wide variety of topics
  • soil carbon farming information, research, and practical techniques
  • community events such as our Earth Day Potlucks and our North Shore bike tours that encourage connection and exposure to land and people
  • bulk order farm supplies in the spring for farmers and gardeners
  • the Organic Food Guide to connect consumers to the local organic and sustainable food options
  • policy work focused on healthy soil standards, incentives for farmers to sequester soil carbon, urban poultry, and the reduction of fertilizers and pesticides in public parks
  • raw milk farming support, education, and resources
  • educational resource materials  focused on organic farming, land stewardship, and the environment. 

By sponsoring a runner, coming out to enjoy the potluck or simply donating to NOFA/Mass you are keeping this organization running, pun intended. You are NOFA and we need you! 


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