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Stay after the Winter Conference for dinner and knowledge

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This article comes from the NOFA/Massachusetts 2018 January Issue Newsletter

By Kristin Brennan, Development Director

Photo by DenisenFamily, Creative Commons License

No need to rush out after the NOFA/Mass Winter Conference! Join us for our Fundraising Dinner right after the final workshop with excellent local organic food and a special address and Q & A with Gabe Brown.  All proceeds of the dinner go to our policy and education work.

The NOFA/Mass Winter Conference is a compact event.  We all need to hit the ground running if we are going to take advantage of the three workshop slots, the keynote address, the annual meeting, and obtaining everything we need from the food and supply vendors. 

Yet, let us not forget one of the greatest features of NOFA/Mass conferences:  we often learn just as much at the lunch table as we do in the workshops.  Who knows whom we'll end up sitting next to? A North Shore farmer who has integrated grains into his vegetable operation?  A no-till producer from the Berkshires who has upped her harvest by 25% through increased succession planting and intercropping? A homesteader from Wendell who has built the carbon capacity of her soil to its optimal level? An urban gardener from Worcester who is integrating permaculture principles onto her 1/8 of an acre lot? An activist from Boston who knows all the latest on the international anti-glyphosate movement?  The stories and practical knowledge are so rich! Bring a notepad to jot everything down!

The Winter Conference Fundraising Dinner gives us one more chance to make the most of these informal discussions that lead to inspiration and the transformation of our world.  The dinner begins at 6 pm with an address from Gabe Brown entitled, "The Next Generation." His talk will focus on the responsibility of the elder generation to prepare the next generation of farmers.  Gabe will share how he and his family are helping young people access the experience and means to start farming and ranching in the context of a changing world.   His 20-minute talk will be followed with questions and answers from the crowd, on any topic.

After the presentation, local organic food will be served and conversation will ensue.  Please join us for the evening festivities as we get one more chance to sit with our colleagues, friends, fellow organic growers and eaters to process the lessons and techniques presented during the day.  Let's inspire one another!  See you there.

What: Winter Conference Dinner at WSU

When: 6 PM, January 13, right after the Winter Conference

Why: Presentation by Gabe Brown, connection and conversation with NOFA/Mass farmers and supporters, support the education and policy work of NOFA/Mass

How much:  Sliding scale, starting at $30.  Please give what you can! All proceeds from the event go directly to our important programming: Beginning Farmer, Food Access, Soil Carbon Education and Testing, Policy Work


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