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Soil Technical Assistance Program Seeks Growers

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This article comes from the NOFA/Massachusetts 2018 February Issue Newsletter

By Laura Davis, Certification Assistance Coordinator & Soil Technical Assistance Co-Coordinator

NOFA/Mass is thrilled to announce that a USDA grant will enable us to offer soil technical assistance to growers in Massachusetts in order to improve soil fertility, crop quality, and yield. This project will also result in resources and workshops that will help other farmers implement similar soil health practices.

We are looking for three farmers and three homesteaders who would like to work with NOFA/Mass over the next two years on this opportunity. If you fit the criteria below and want to get involved in this project, please contact me at  

  • You cultivate at least ¼ acre (homesteaders) and 1 acre (farmers) to grow crops.
  • You are interested in improving your soil’s health in order to increase the quantity and quality of the food you are producing.
  • You are committed to working with NOFA/Mass through April 2020 to take soil samples, record basic data, implement recommendations for cover crops, inputs and amount of tillage.
  • You are easy to communicate with by phone, email or text.
  • You are open to having NOFA/Mass staff visit your homestead or farm to perform soil tests 
  • You are willing to host a workshop taught by NOFA/Mass staff
  • You are willing to invest in soil minerals, micronutrients, cover crop seeds, biology promoting techniques and carbon sources based upon NOFA/Mass recommendations for at least ¼ acre (homesteaders) or 1 acre (farmers).

We would love to work with you so get in touch soon. 

Apply and find out more at


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