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We’re Launching Our Own Podcast!

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This article comes from the NOFA/Massachusetts 2018 March Issue Newsletter

By Lydia Sivel-Irons, Public Relations Coordinator

Think back to the last time you took a NOFA/Mass workshop. Remember how engaging the presenter was, how the new information got you excited to take action and how the little community of folks learning together felt warm and welcoming? Well, get ready to have all of that awesomeness right on your phone… because NOFA/Mass is launching its own podcast!

On Wednesday, February 28th the very first episode of the NOFA/Mass podcast will be available wherever you find podcasts. Hosted by me, each show will take you through an important topic for organic farming, gardening and sustainable living. With interviews from our amazing network of presenters and other leaders in the organic world, we’ll even feature a segment where NOFA members share about their genius moments and mistakes you can learn from.  

The first time I ever heard of a podcast was when I was working on the Hampshire College farm. I was in charge of all the haying that summer and while I was shooting the breeze with a tractor mechanic about how long and boring my summer was going to be with all the mowing, tedding and bailing, he mentioned how podcasts could break up the monotony. We went back and forth a few times (in a very Three Stooges sort of way) where I said “Broadcast?” and he said “No, podcast!” When I finally figured out what the heck he was talking about I was hooked and I can count 23 different episodes of various podcasts on my phone right now.

So, what is a podcast anyway? This, is a hard question to answer because one of the greatest things about podcasts is that they can be almost anything. From audio magazines that are just like listening to the news to fictional audio plays and storytelling, this medium for media runs the gamut. The thing that makes them different from a radio show or an audio book is that they have regular installments and go straight to your phone.  Essentially, a podcast is an audio program you know you want to hear waiting for you to be ready to hear it! 

Our first episode will be all about beekeeping, featuring presenter Angela Roell, and it is a great example of what we hope to do with our podcasts in the future. So, make sure to subscribe to the show so you never miss an episode of the podcast that will have you learning, laughing and engaged while you are on the tractor, in your garden or just doing the dishes.


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