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This article comes from the NOFA/Massachusetts 2018 May Issue Newsletter

By Heather Dinneen, Development Director

Registration for the NOFA Summer Conference has opened and we are delighted to be back at Hampshire College for a second year.  Building on last year’s wonderful event, we look forward to welcoming even more sponsors, exhibitors and advertisers in 2018.  This year we will not be having a large exhibitor tent as in years past and instead will use the overhang space near Franklin Patterson Hall, and allow exhibitors to set up pop up tents on the grass area, creating a more fair-like atmosphere and improving exhibitor visibility.

One of the first exhibitors to sign on for 2018 is The Biodynamics Association.  This Wisconsin-based nonprofit organization works to educate people on the biodynamic movement.  Rebecca Briggs, Communications Director at The Biodynamics Association says, “The Biodynamic Association is excited to attend NOFA's Summer Conference again this year. There was a lot of interest in biodynamics here last year, so we're looking forward to presenting a workshop on Biodynamic Principles and Practices and connecting with folks in the exhibit area. We really enjoy the fun and informal atmosphere of this conference.” We are grateful for the continued enthusiasm and support of The Biodynamic Association and others, and look forward to welcoming many new exhibitors and advertisers this year. 

We anticipate more than 90 exhibitors at this year’s Conference and are actively seeking Program Book advertisers - a great way to connect with farmers, gardeners, and foodies from across the region.  To learn more about exhibiting or advertising, contact me at or 860-671-9315 or by completing the form linked here.


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