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This article comes from the NOFA/Massachusetts 2018 May Issue Newsletter

By Anna Gilbert-Muhammad, Webinar Coordinator

Happy spring! What better way to celebrate the warmer temperatures, budding flowers and growing vegetables than through learning from our webinar series.  The next few webinars will focus on working with BioChar, The Beauty of Cover Crops, and a special webinar on medical proxies for farmers.

Here are some of the new webinars coming up:

May 29:  The Beauty of Cover Crops – Part Two with Julie Fine

This is a continuation of the presentation in December concerning cover crop cocktails. A great intermediate/advance farmer topic that can also be used for gardens

July 30: Medical Health Care Proxies and Land Succession planning for farmers. 

This webinar is being presented by Jullian Hishaw, Esq from FARMS (Family Agriculture Resource Management Services).  Ms. Hishaw will focus on how farmers can create land succession plans and medical healthcare proxies. 

You can also continue to view our past webinars:

  1. January: Financial Literacy for Beginning Farmers
  2. February: Field Soil Testing as a Tool for Fertility Decisions
  3. March: Simple Greenhouse and Hoophouse Improvements

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