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New and Seasoned Members Hear the Membership Month Call

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This article comes from the NOFA/Massachusetts 2018 June Issue Newsletter

By Christy Bassett, Membership Coordinator

Photo credit Suzy Konecky

In April we asked you to help us build our community of committed members. We asked you to share the reasons why you are a member of NOFA/Mass with others that might be inspired to join our ranks. And my, oh my, did you answer that calling.

During the course of the Membership Drive we gained 33 new members. That’s 33 people who previously hadn’t heard of NOFA or who hadn’t realized that membership with NOFA/Mass came with so many benefits. If you are one of those new members, we hope that you will take the time to peruse our website and give your new membership status a try. With registration for the Summer Conference now open, you can save 20% off the already discounted membership price of admission by registering before June 27. Also, you can post up to eight free ads on the classifieds page of our website, sign up for free or discounted mentoring on your organic certification process, and look forward to the next issue of The Natural Farmer that will grace your mailbox in the coming weeks.

Several of you gave gift memberships to friends or family members, or even to complete strangers when you gave anonymously. It really warms our heart to see you giving freely and sharing the community that you have found within this growing group with people that mean so much to you. We are inspired and grateful. Growing a rich, diverse group of members allows us to lean on each other for help, congregate for discussion and unite for change.

Beyond the new members that have joined us, 140 of you renewed your membership during the drive. By doing so, you have taken a small step towards food self-reliance and have supported our mission of advocating for and educating about organic agriculture.

For me, one of the main reasons that I am a committed member of NOFA/Mass is the raw milk network. As a dairy enthusiast, I want to support our local organic dairy roots here in New England, and at NOFA we are working to make sure that healthy local raw milk is readily available for people who would like to purchase it.  What’s your reason for being a NOFA/Mass member?


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