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Seeking Partners for Food as Medicine Workshop Series

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This article comes from the NOFA/Massachusetts 2018 September Issue Newsletter

By Caro Roszell and Anna Gilbert-Muhammad

Photo Credit: Suzy Konecky

Health in our population is at a crisis point. Most conventionally available food is taking its toll on our health. Not only are carbohydrates and sweet treats to blame, but other foods that were once health-giving are no longer because of gylphosate residues, genetic mutation, and poor nutritional value due to depleted soil fertility. 

NOFA/Mass is seeking partners for a workshop series that will teach the best organic, no-till practices to grow healthful ingredients, and then share recipes and methods of incorporating those ingredients into traditional meals and favorite dishes.  The workshops will be presented as a three part series:

  1. Planning a garden around a healthy meal
  2. Planting and caring for the garden
  3. Preparing and preserving the meal, including a cooking demonstration with a community partner that showcases local methods and techniques and culminating in recommendations for how to preserve the harvest so that the meal can be eaten long after the harvest. 

Our ideal partners for these workshops are local neighborhood community organizations that work with community gardens.

Please contact Anna Gilbert-Mohammed at if you are interested in being part of this workshop series. We welcome your ideas and energy, and want to work with you both for program development and collaboration around program funding.

The theme of Food as Medicine will be a focus for our work this fall and into 2019.  NOFA/Mass has many opportunities to address this issue within the context of our existing work, including the following:

  • policy work on GMOs and glyphosate
  • One-on-one technical support through our soil technical assistance and soil carbon proxy testing programs
  • workshop tracks at our conferences, including classes on gut health, trace minerals, perennial crops, medicinal mushrooms and other nutrient-dense foods, cooking demos, and more
  • educational workshops, seminars, and webinars year-round on soil testing, mineral balancing and other how-to’s of raising food of medicinal quality

We stand on the knowledge that biodiversity in the growing environment and attention to carbon sequestering practices are the essential tools that are needed to grow nutrient-dense, health-giving foods. The health of our food system itself begins in the soil and is necessary for healing on a broader scale. With an approach starting with healthy soils and healthy systems as the foundation for our relationship with the food we produce, share and consume, our food can return to the health-giving role it has served for thousands of years.

We believe that we can heal ourselves and our communities, on many different levels, through deepening our relationship with our food as medicine.


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